Your Consultation

Prior to your consultation you are welcome to contact one of our patient coordinators by phone or e-mail and they would be pleased to answer your questions and provide you with more information about our practice. Your experience in the office begins with an in depth consultation with your surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is a very personal experience and your surgeon will first develop a thorough understanding of your goals and concerns. Following this, a detailed clinical assessment and aesthetic analysis will be performed. Finally, you will be presented with a comprehensive and unbiased analysis in conjunction with a tailored treatment recommendation that will help you achieve your goals. The treatment plan that is recommended to you will include the treatments that will provide you the best in terms of satisfaction, safety and value.

Your Treatment

As Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Watts, Dr. Reid, and Dr. Loizides are able to offer their patients a broad spectrum of aesthetic services ranging from skin care products and injectables to cosmetic surgery. You will find a description of many of the procedures that we offer and we encourage you to read through this information prior to your consultation. If you would like more information about specific procedures or about issues related to cosmetic surgery in general, we suggest you visit the American Society of Plastic Surgery and